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​Last year many dealers panicked at the thought of half of their co-op dollars being dedicated solely to Google Adwords unless 35% impression share is obtained. Luckily, I was able to participate in some of this discussion with Ford to guide our clients with iFrog on what needs to be done. Impression share is easy to manage and know where you are at any point in time but I do warn dealers that focusing solely on their impression share too much could potentially become a pitfall. I’ll explain more on that later in this article.

So, let me start out by explaining what impression share is. Impression share is the number of impressions of a paid search ad you’ve received divided by the estimated number of impressions you could have received granted there were no restrictions. Items that would restrict your ads from being shown include your current ads’ targeting, ad status, bids, budget, and quality scores. 

Let’s begin with ways to improve your impression share. Ultimately there are four ways to improve your search impression share. They are listed below:

1.    Increase your campaign budget. Your budget controls how often your ads are shown, so when you increase your budget, your ads will get shown more often until the budget depletes. 
2.    Increase your bid. Raising your bid can improve the likelihood that your ad will show for a given ad auction but remember that raising your click bid can also deplete your budget more quickly, decreasing your impression share.
3.    Decrease your geographical targeting. If you reduce your geographical targeting or area that you choose to have your ads displayed, your impression share will increase. This is also true if you set your ads to only show during certain hours.
4.    Improve your quality. Improving your ad quality score will result in paying less for your bids while still holding your desired ad position. Contact us to learn of ways on how to improve ad quality.

These are simple ways to increase your impression share. But often there are more details and needed strategic input to figure out what is your best option. Knowing which campaigns convert the best (profitable) for you to place more budget or knowing which markets you want to target to increase your market share are examples of strategic questions you must ask yourself.

Back to an earlier point when I said, “I do warn dealers that focusing solely on their impression share too much could potentially become a pitfall.” Dealers focusing only on impression share must realize that to get to a certain level; they must “give” in some way. Dealers most often need to spend a good portion of their budget to target their desired markets and increase their impression share. Looking at search lost impression share (budget) helps you determine how often your ads are not showing because you have too small of a budget, in which case you would need to increase your paid search budget. Dealers often want to target outside of their DMA or PMA and to increase impression share without an additional budget. Unfortunately, dealers have to reduce their targeting or increase their budgets. 

For more information on impression share or Ford’s impression share requirements, contact iFrog Digital Marketing at LetsChat@iFrog.com or give us a call at 410-673-8278

Author: Brent Durham, COO of iFrog Digital Marketing
<![CDATA[ Automotive Social Selling at Your Dealership]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 16:35:31 GMThttp://ifrogdm.com/blog/-automotive-social-selling-at-your-dealership Fundamentals of Social Selling at Your Dealership
​Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn… Chances are, your employees use these social networks every day. You may think that employees using social media on your time would make them unproductive or worse, they could defame your business’s reputation with what and how they post. We completely understand. However, instead of resisting the now regular media channel you should harness the power of social media that your employees possess.
With some quick processes, rules, and regulations created, you will have a sales force with the ability to reach more people that are in your CRM. What is even more important, is that you didn’t have to pay a cent for each of those contacts. Sure, you may have duplicates of customers that are in your CRM with customers in your employee’s networks but what you don’t have in your CRM is the “Degrees of Separation” factor.
Six Degrees of Separation (some may be familiar with the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game) is the concept that all people are six or fewer steps away from each other. This idea was initially set out in 1929. Fast forward to today and think about how this can be applied to social media. Facebook announced that using this concept people are now on average, 3.5 steps away from each other. This becomes a tremendous opportunity for you to be able to reach numerous people in your local area.
So how does one harness the power of social media the correct way with social selling? Remember that social selling is the process of developing relationships as a part of the sales process. Since your employees already have personal relationships with their social networks, this becomes easy, just include and share posts of your work life with your personal life.
The key is not to alienate or to have your employee’s network disconnect their social network relationship. Here are some tips and tricks to help your employees out:
  • Always be yourself. Never post sell, sell, sell content or try to jam every single incentive, rebate or low payment down your newsfeeds throat.
  • Post images of your employees having fun at work (their co-workers too), happy customer’s photos with your employee included, or even new models that come into your dealership
  • Video and Live video are great tools to share your work life as well. Video walkarounds on new models or even unique trades/pre-owned vehicles that just got traded in.
  • Sometimes ask prospecting questions. Example: “Who would love a $300 car payment?” Just remember to not continually post these types of open-ended questions but occasionally is alright. Always include an image as well.
  • Use tools such as Canva, Instagram apps, etc. to help you create professional and engaging content.
We actively encourage our employees at the Preston Automotive Group to use social media and these are some of the best tips that we have seen work the best. Currently, 4 out of 5 top sellers within the group embrace social media and social selling. To date, we have experienced increased sales growth coming from our employee’s social networks.
For more information on Social Selling or tips and tricks, contact iFrog Digital Marketing at LetsChat@iFrog.com or give us a call at 410-673-8278

Author: Brent Durham, COO of iFrog Digital Marketing
<![CDATA[Preston Ford Dealer in MD Celebrates Top 100 Victory]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 14:39:49 GMThttp://ifrogdm.com/blog/preston-ford-dealer-in-md-celebrates-top-100-victory Top 100 Ford Dealer Accomplishments - Preston Ford
​There are roughly 3,300 Ford dealerships across the whole United States, and Preston Ford has a history of making the Top 100 Ford dealerships in sales volume. Previously making the Top 100 in the 90s, Preston Ford has dedicated themselves to reaching the Top 100 steadily since 2009. This year, Preston Ford was able to break their all-time best placement within the Top 100.

Previously, Preston Ford ended their year at 93rd in 2010 and then placing 89th in 2011. In 2013, they finished 90th in the United States before making a huge jump to 72nd in 2014 and 79th in 2015. For 2016 they kicked off the Top 100 Sales Drive with a goal of becoming the #1 Ford Dealer for the Washington D.C. region, within the top 10 Ford Dealers in the United States and get within the top 75 dealers for the calendar year 2016.  

December 2016 kicked off Mission: Possible 4, in which started Preston Ford’s three goals for the month. The results ended with a huge sales surge of 493 new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVS sold. This sales surge allowed Preston Ford to become #1 in the Washington D.C. region and 7th in the United States for the month of December. They also broke their previous records by finishing at 63rd in the United States for the year 2016.

“We are truly grateful to all of our customers that not only bought in December but also the entire year of 2016,” says David Wilson Jr, Vice President of Preston Automotive Group, “Our goal is always to provide the largest selection possible for our customers and pair that with the lowest prices. It is our commitment to our loyal customers.”

Preston Ford thanks all of their great customers who bought Ford vehicles this year and helped propel them to 63rd in the United States. With a population of just under 700 total people for the entire town, it is surprising that a dealership in the small town of Preston can become such a destination dealership for those seeking new Ford cars, trucks, and SUV models. The Ford dealership would like to thank all of their great sales and service associates that keep their customers coming back with fantastic customer service. Preston Ford is also proud to be a part of the Ford family, for not taking the bailout money, and crafting best-in-class cars, trucks, and SUV models that their customers can always count on when needed the most. 

For more information on how iFrog Digital Marketing helped Preston Ford break into the Top 100 Ford Dealers, contact us at LetsChat@iFrog.com or give us a call at 410-673-8278

Author: Brent Durham, COO of iFrog Digital Marketing